Today's lunch

Aug. 10-14

SEK 105 between 10:00 - 14:00

Take away 98 kr

Salad with dressing, bread, butter and coffee is always included in the lunch

(L) = Contains lactose (G) = Contains gluten


- Pad Thai with shredded chicken and rice noodles

-Pasta with smoked salmon, white wine, cream and spring onion (L)



- Crispy chicken with red wine sauce, tzatziki and roasted potatoes (G / L)

Steamed cod fillet with egg and parsley sauce and boiled potatoes (L)


- Beef Lindström with parsley butter, pickles, fried potatoes and
red wine sauce (G, L)

- Roasted curry with chili bearnaise and roasted potatoes

- Poached haddock with lemon butter sauce, peas and boiled potatoes (L)

- Long-cooked on high rib with basmati rice / boiled potatoes and sour cream (L)


- Norrland pan steaks on reindeer, venison and beef with thyme and rosemary with sauce on butter, juniper berries and cream as well as thyme and garlic roasted potatoes in the oven

- Breaded saithe with Danish remoulad, lemon and boiled potatoes (G)


Sausage stroganoff with sour cream, pickles and basmati rice (L)

-Gremolata-baked uer with white wine sauce, served with basmati rice (G)

Pasta of the Week:

Pasta bolognese