Today's lunch

   May 25 - 29

 105 sek between 10:00 - 14:00

Take away 98 kr


Salad with dressing, bread, butter and coffee is always included in the lunch


(L) = Contains lactose (G) = Contains gluten


- Pea soup with pork, mustard, herbs, pancakes, jam and cream (G / L)

- Texas chili with nachos, jalapeños, sour cream & fresh coriander served with rice (G / L)

- Fish piccata with tomato sauce and arrow roast (G / L)


- Spices with green pepper sauce, jalapeños and roasted potatoes (L)

- Poached chop with fennel, white wine sauce and boiled potato (L)




- Lamb roast with roasted garlic potatoes, red wine sauce and haricotsverts

- Steamed cod fillet with mussel sauce and boiled potato (L)



- Hickory smoked chicken breast with chipotle glaze, coleslaw and baked potato

- Fish gratin with spinach, shrimp and dill, served with potato tops (L)



- Bratwurst with sauerkraut, mustard and lukewarm potato salad

-Cooked cod with egg and parsley sauce, served with boiled potato (L)

This week's Pasta: