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It is extremely important for us to assure our guests of the security measures we have put in place during these times to protect our guests and our staff, and our society at large. We are constantly updated on the latest information about Covid-19 from the website of the Public Health Authority.


We have always put hygiene and handling of food as our first priority. Below you can see how we have always handled hygiene and handling of food as well as a few new points that have been added.


✓ Ensure that our staff is informed and up to date on Covid-19 and the authorities' recommendations
✓ Strengthened our routines for cleaning, cleaning and hygiene even more
✓ Ensures to wash your hands constantly with soap and water

✓ Ensures to disinfect all surfaces regularly

✓ Ensures the use of new gloves when handling food
✓ Ask staff to stay home at the slightest sign of illness independent cause
✓ Increases the space between the tables as well as possible so that guests sit with a greater distance between them

our cleaning and hygiene practices